Egyptian Jewelry

Flint jewelry dates back to ancient Egypt and was used by the pharaohs in ancient times. Flint jewelry has been referred to as 'The earthly bracelet' owing to its unique look that owes its origins to the earth. Jewelry photograph Flint glass beads are made from the remains of river stones washed down from the river Ganga and other rivers throughout the world. Flint glass jewelry is considered a classic piece of Egyptian art and craftsmanship. Flint jewelry originated from the tombs of the pharaoh's day. The fragile glass adornments found within the Egyptian tombs have provided historians with invaluable insights into the life of pharaohs from ancient times. The delicate flints were molded into intricate designs and art that graced the tombs of different pharaohs including Snefer, Luxor and Annam. The ancient Egyptian civilization was famous for its copper and gold jewelry. Like many other ancient civilizations, ancient Egypt was renowned for its wealth in gold and copper. These precious metals were refined in Africa and the Middle East before being shipped all over the world. Egyptian gold coins had gold symbols stamped on them depicting various things including rivers, animals, and other natural objects.

Jewelry from Nature

Like other ancient cultures, ancient Egyptian artists also utilized natural items to make jewelries, adorning themselves with such natural adornments as amethyst, agate, quartz, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, jade, opal, coral and turquoise. Ancient Egyptian jewelries bore Egyptian symbols and were inspired by several stories regarding the life of pharaohs. For example, one popular story explains how Cleopatra supposedly wore a golden necklace studded with diamonds to please her husband. Another story states that Cleopatra wore 22-carat gold earrings and wore this when she went to the warlord King Ptolemy. Egyptian icon Some stories indicate that she wore these jewelries not only for beauty but because these metals protected her from evil spells. However, some historical records indicate that Cleopatra actually wore copper and silver jewelry, possibly as part of a campaign to control the Phoenicians, her enemies. One of the most sought after pieces of Egyptian jewelry was the amulets. These are very small pieces of jewelry that were usually crafted from precious metals such as gold and silver or sometimes made from semi-precious materials. An amulet's piece would contain an inscribed message or a depiction of an animal that once belonged to the Egyptian pharaohs. Egyptian amulets can be found in almost every part of the world; however, they are most commonly found in Europe, America and Asia. One of the most important parts of any ancient Egyptian jewelry collection is the bead collection. Beads play a vital role in ancient Egypt's culture. Every major region of the country produced handmade beads from a variety of natural and semi-precious stones. The necklaces were often made from semi-precious beads and were embellished with beautifully cut patterns. The amulets were also made from semi-precious and natural stones. Beaded necklaces are considered to be one of the finest of all antique Egyptian jewelry. Necklaces are made from a variety of materials including metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, copper, lead, wood, ivory, jade and coral. Jewelry picture Another popular form of beaded necklaces is the "Hankie" beaded necklaces. These necklaces consist of tiny beads sewn onto the neck, forming a colorful collage. They can be found in a wide array of colors such as green, blue, pink, red, yellow, orange, purple and black. In the "Gemaco" series, these amulets are designed with diamonds sewn on to make a dazzling pattern. In addition to the traditional materials used for making ancient Egyptian jewelry, modern jewelry designers are also using new materials to create more contemporary pieces. One such example is the use of precious gems such as amethyst, coral, aquamarine, quartz, rose quartz, ametrine, opal and topaz in their work. These precious gemstones have varied sizes, colors, designs and are found in different colors. Some of them are treated to improve their color and clarity; others undergo chemical processes to change their properties. Gemstones are commonly used in creating jewelry pieces because they sparkle in the light and reflect it in a dazzling manner. They are also used in decorating jewelry items because of their luminous quality and appealing appearance.